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PayPal Working Capital Alternatives

PayPal Working Capital loans are a great fit for many small businesses. The service is a convenient and relatively low-cost way for merchants who use PayPal to borrow money. Applications are short, repayment is automatic, and fees are normally very low.

Unfortunately many merchants report being denied access to this service without a clear explanation as to why their application was declined. While some merchants report success after waiting a few days and reapplying, many simply do not have time (or patience) to wait for an acceptance. So what happens next?

If you have been declined for a PayPal Working Capital loan but still need funds for your business, don’t worry. There are plenty of other great lending options out there! The following are the lenders most similar to PayPal Working Capital, both in terms of the loan products offered and the business requirements necessary to qualify for a loan. These lenders cover everything from traditional installment loans to lines of credit to invoice financing and even SBA loans, so you can find exactly the right type of financing for your business.

Best PayPal Working Capital Loan Alternatives

Best for Lender

  1. Quick Eligibility Check PayPal’s LoanBuilder

  2. Fair or Bad Credit LendrzHub

  3. Fast Application Process OnDeck

  4. Working Capital StreetShares

  5. Micro-Businesses Fundbox

  6. Consistent Cash Flow BlueVine

  7. Low-Cost SBA Loans SmartBiz

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